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What time zone is the server in?
Eastern Standard (US) Time.
Do I need an account to post?
Do I need an account to read?
Do I have to accept cookies?
No. But if you do not, the "Remember Me" checkbox when logging in won't work, nor will the "Mark Forum Read" functions work for not logged in users.
Do you censor foul language?
No. However, excessive use of it will be dealt with by moderators. We value freedom of speech but we also value a friendly and decent community.
What's with these titles and special colored names?
Special titles are give to people who in some way deserve them. Special colored names denote staff members.
Can I use HTML in my posts?
How do I post images, color my text, etc?
Our boards support the following UBB (Universal Bulletin Board) code:

Text TypedEffect
:) or :-)
:p or :P or :-p or :-P or :b or :-b
:( or :-(
:| or :-|
:o or :O
;) or ;-)
8-o or 8-O
:] or :-]
:D or :-D
;D or ;-D
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centered text
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left aligned text
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right aligned text
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[l]bulleted item
  • bulleted item
  • [b]bold text[/b]bold text
    [i]italic text[/i]italic text
    [u]underlined text[/u]underlined text
    [break]The [break] UBB tag is equivalent to the HTML <br> tag. This is useful only to admins, but anyone can use this.
    [quote]this is a quote[/quote]
    this is a quote
    [color=red]red text[/color]red text (note: this tag also supports Hex colors such as #FF0000 instead of "red")
    [red]red text[/red]red text (There is a [tag] for each primary color. Red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, white, and black.)
    [code](code example)[/code]This tag is so that you can display source code without having to worry about an uneven font or your tabs being lost. Exampe:
    if (top.location != self.location) {
        top.location = self.location;
    What are the rules for my picture under my name and my signature image?
    The small pic under your name must be of GIF, JPG, or PNG image format and must be exactly 65x75 pixels. No matter what size image you submit to us, it will be forced to this size. Your signature image can be a maximum of 600x200 pixels. No larger in either dimension.