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Mark I Mazzella
10/23/2005 06:30 AM
Birth of The San Silverio Shrine Reply

Many people who belong to the San Silverio Shrine in Dover Plains, New York or have visited there, do not know the real true story.

I know what happened right in front of me. I was there from Day One!

Back around 1960, my Dad took us to Morris Avenue and East 149th Street in the Bronx to walk in the parade or precession for the Feast of San Silverio.

It was a bad area because most of the Italian people had moved away to get away from the rising crime, but they still held the ceremonies at that area.

We were walking in the precession when some Latino youths began to throw rotten tomatoes and fruit at the religious parade! At us! They hit my Grandmother Marietta Mazzella and some other marchers soiling their Sunday best clothing.

Some of the men chased these youths, but they were too fast.

There had also been some fights and muggings.

My Dad called over a Policeman and complained and the cop asked my Dad, "Why are you guys still having these festivals here? This is not a safe place for your families.".

It was true. The minorities did not like us Italians and vice versa.

We went home and we were watching the local news and they showed other Italian people who were from Brooklyn and Queens, holding their religious festival, called The Feast of Our Lady in a park in Nassau County NY. They were renting the park for the festival and that is how they solved their problem.

My Dad had an idea! Lets all pool our money and buy a farm upstate New York and hold our festivals there!

My Dad invited my uncles over and told them of his plan.

My Uncle "Sam" Silverio Conte, pulled out his checkbook and wrote the very first check for the Shrine.

My Aunt Helen's mother, then opened her pocketbook and handed over several hundred in cash!

Word soon got out and there were donations coming in from everyone.

My Dad asked his eldest brother Ercito "Archie" Mazzella, if he knew of any cheap land. Ercito had done a huge concrete job near Dover Plains and had paid a local man a few hundred dollars to dig for gravel and sand. He then swindled the man out of a million dollars in sand and gravel. It left a huge hole still visible today. It is where the swimming hole is now. The landowner put his land up for sale and so my Dad and uncles visited the 88 Acre farm.

It was a long long drive to Dover Plains and we toured ther entire farm. It was bordered by Route 22 to the west and the Ten Mile River to the east. We met with the real estate man and we talked to neighbors there. To the South was a Cattle Farm and a small ranch to the north. They wanted $81,000 for all 88 Acres.

At first we started out small and it was just my parents family members, all my Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

We had built a chapel and statues. There were picnic tables and a small house near the southern edge was made the First Aid house and a nearby long house was made into offices and toilets.

My Dad owned a Payloader and he used it to clear Poplar trees and was almost killed by them when they fell on his payloader.

Where the Pavilion is now, was a small unfinished house.

We put it on skids and moved it across the road, where is is now. We towed it with the payloader.

Dr Luigi Mazzella, my distant cousin, was in the office in the Longhouse, as we used to call it, and he showed me grandiose plans for the shrine.

One plan was for a Swimming Pool,(which I liked) and another was for a Nursing Home for elderly people, (which I did not like).

But by 1968, my Dad had quit the Shrine.

Why did my Father quit the San Silverio Shrine?

The number one reason was, that my Dad had founded the Shrine and got absolutlely no credit for it. His lying evil brother Ercito, falsely claimed that he and not my Dad had the idea and had founded the Shrine! My Dad and Ercito bickered over it and my Dad was doing lots of work and getting no appeciation or credit for his efforts.

Then my Uncle Ercito went berserk and falsely accused my Dad of betrayal and they quit talking for a long time.

After that, my Dad had a bad dream and San Silverio told him Not to go up to the Shrine any more! San Silverio told my Father in his dreams that Satan had taken over and was inside the Shrine and it would be the death of him if he ever went back there.

After my Dad suffered three of these dreams on three consecutive nights, he vowed never to return there.

The creation of the Shrine was taking a heavy toll on his personal life and he wanted out.

My Dad also did not like the huge corruption that was going on there also.

This whole San Silverio thing had soured on him and he quit paying dues and membership.

The only evidence of my fathers involvement is on a Statue of Jesus in front of the Chapel.

He is only included as one of the founders and my evil lying Uncle Ercito was given total credit for founding the shrine.

I never spoke to Ercito or his family ever again for his/their evil vile lies.

My Uncle Ercito "Archie" Mazzella and his children, were nothing but an evil jinx, a curse, a hex, an anaethma, a malediction, on me and my family social life.

Because of his quarrelsome behaviors, I lost the friendship of many of my cousins.

I watched in horror as my cousins quit visiting us.

One cousin after another cousin got married and I was not invited to their weddings. I missed parties, weddings, funerals and much of what would have been a normal life with my extended family.

All because my Uncles Ercito, Guiseppe, and Brillo are vile men. They are liars, phonies and frauds.

My Uncles and cousins are psychotic liars.

They lost my friendship forever.

So if you wanted to know who started The San Silverio Shrine, it was a man named Ivio Mazzella.

I haven't been up to the Shrine in 30 years.

I do not want to go back.

I am going into the future, instead.

I will visit many new places and meet new people and make new friends, but not in that direction.

As for my Father, Ivio Mazzella, he says it does not matter who founded the Shrine! He says both God and San Silverio already know the truth and that is all that matters to him.

Click on this link to see the vile lie of the Shrine's history!

Mark I Mazzella
02/13/2008 09:55 AM
Re: Birth of The San Silverio Shrine (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

My nephews have seen this article I wrote here.

They showed a printout of this to their mothers and asked, "Is this true?"

They both said, "Yes, every single word is absolutely true.".

Now, they know the truth. It cannot be hidden nor suppressed.

The prophet Ecclesiasticus wrote in the Old Testament of The Holy Bible that "The Sins of the mothers and the Fathers shall pay visit to the Children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and they shall suffer for them."

That is so true.

And now every single generation shall know the Truth of the lies and sins of their Fathers and Mothers.

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