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Mark I Mazzella
05/17/2009 04:15 AM
Joseph Reply

My cousin Joe in Florida asked my parents why I don't visit my Uncle Joe in Florida.

The answer is because I do not like him nor love him.

In 1970 he stole a blasting job on Gun Hill Road between Bronxwood Avenue and Paulding Avenue from me and my Father, Ivio Mazzella. My Uncle Joe Mazzella stole huge from my Father Ivio, his own Brother. This was to be the first job we were to do together, with my cousins. I was looking forward to working together as a team. Then he and his wife Susan slandered us. Because of their ugly conduct, I missed parties and weddings and funerals.

Aunt Suzi said, "We're going to have a big big party and you are not welcome!"

After that Aunt Suzi became always unwelcome.

For his high crimes sins against me and for joining forces with Archie, he an my Aunt Suzi can burn in the Inferno of Hell.

If I had done these high crimes and felonies that my Uncle Archie and Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe and Aunt Suzi and Aunt Agnes had done. I would have been banned forever.

As for me, as far as I am concerned, my cousins Joe and Gregory act like cowards for never coming to New York.
They do not come here, cause they do not want to hear me say these things. They are ashamed. They have not been on Ditmars Street since 1970!

I do not want to visit Florida. Florida turned out to be a Nazi-like state that smells like a rotting outhouse.
I think Florida stinks like a shithole. What is that horrible stench? You can take your stinging Jelly fish nightmare beaches and shove it. The place is an ugly jungle swamp full of Human trash from every state in the union and foreign nation. I feel happier and safer on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx than anywhere in Florida. I never want to wait in the hot Sun at DisneyWorld ever again!

So, you now have my answer. I do not hang out with crooks like your Dad!

Aunt Suzi tried to redeem me back, but I didn't trust her anymore. I didnt believe anything she said anymore. Aplogies to me from her was worthless because I had lost so very much.

I was really looking forward to going to Josephs and Gregory's weddings, but their parents poisoned the well of friendship with me and my family.

As I told Archie aka Ercito Mazzella and his sons, Italo Mazzella who was appointed my Godfather and his brother and sister to stay away, because they stole half of my relatives and I cannot allow them to take away the other half.

My Dad recently said my Aunt Suzi Mazzella was sometimes in a nursing home. His brother told him. I sat there at the dinner table and said, "Personally, I think Aunt Suzi started going off her rocker back around 1963.

Mom then said that she thinks those Diet pills she got from her doctor to lose weight hurt her personality and her brain.

I said, "Suzi was taking Amphetamines to lose weight?"

Mom said yes, that was the name of the prescription drug she used.

Oh, Jesus! That explains her behavior and why she acted like that. It may also explain her dementia and why she cannot remember.

She needs Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber therapy.

It works!

But to the relatives who read all of this. You cannot stop me. You cannot buy me off or bribe me from speaking all of this truth. I have Freedom Of Speech and all of this is true and not Slander, Libel or Defamation. You cannot take my money. I am broke and disabled. I'm a cripple now. My Dad has disinherited me because my evil sister and Brother in law say I am incompetent. I have lost everything I own.
They are rich evil selfish greedy people who are phonies. All everyone wants to do is take away my money and privacy. You are evil. I have nothing to lose.

I place a curse on anyone who throws away my property!

May Holy Jehovah curse you to bake in a sewer in Hell!

If my Uncle Joe was a decent man and not a coward, he would straighten out the San Silverio Shrine's leadership and correct the history and make my Father the man who conceived the SSS and give credit to Ercito for finding the real estate between Route 22 and the Ten Mile river.

The SSS was not founded by Archie alone. It was created by the Mazzella brothers led under Ivio Mazzella.

My Uncle Joe is a coward for not helping Mark spread the truth and make justice. Uncle Joe is like a child molester like his evil brother Ercito.

My Uncle Joe Mazzella is a curse, a jinx, a malediction, an anathema upon me and my family social life.

I have lost his sons as my close friends because Uncle Joe is evil like Archie.

I have nothing to lose by speaking the truth. I am being Ostracized for having done nothing wrong.

My cousins are like strangers to me now. They live in houses that are alien to me. When I visit them, I feel like I am out of place. Like I don't belong amongst traitors and low lives. They have their parents hate inside them.

I curse you Uncle Joe, for stealing my cousins! May Holy Jehovah never forgive you and make you suffer like I have.

Your brain is as warped as your right hand and arm!

You filthy pig!

(Post last edited by Mark I Mazzella on 05/17/2009 04:15 AM)

Mark I Mazzella
01/04/2010 08:27 AM
Re: Joseph (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

Two weeks ago my Uncle Joe died from blood clots in his leg.

If you do not ever invite me to your parties, weddings or home, then I will never invite you around.

Frank S once asked me why I let little things bother me so much.

Little things can mean a lot!

A number of years ago my Mom told me that I had been invited to a wedding!

I was surprised. Who would bother?

Mom said Rita was getting married.

I asked when her wedding was.

Mom said in two days!

I told Mom don't even give them any answer. My feelings had been hurt by this extremely late invite.

I told Mom that Rita hates me and would have invited me when the invitations go out.

I told Mom that Rita did not invite me. He Mother did after Mom reminded her.

You and I must realize that we live with a degenerated family that has been corrupted by greed and jealosy.

After the funeral, which I deliberately snubbed, my cousins finally came to visit City Island, but I was not there at the time.

It was their first time in 39 years.

Such is the poison that hurts our family.

Martha Mazzella
08/13/2011 12:41 PM
Re: Joseph (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

OMG why must there be so much disdain? As being a Roman Catholic I can not understand why you will not forgive,, just a Jesus would. The Mazzella family is strong and constant. I say get over it and just simply grow up. Family no matter what is so very important, being that I have lost touch and know how it feels to hurt about family. But we must forgive. You don't have to forget, but you have the power to forgive.
Best wishes and may God be with you. Oh ya, I am not a Holy Roller. I just believe in the goodness we all have in us.
Love Martha

Martha Catherine Mazzella

Marky Mazzella
11/21/2012 07:50 AM
Re: Joseph (Re: Martha Mazzella)      Reply

*Post deleted by Marky Mazzella on 11/21/2012 07:50 AM*

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