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Mark I Mazzella
02/25/2009 12:40 PM
Mazzella family history Reply

I asked my late Grandmother, Marietta Mazzella when our ancestors first came to Ellis Island and the answer was we did not go thru Ellis Island. My ancestors first came to America in the late 1700's and early 1800's and were pioneers and even had Conestoga Wagons. Life was too harsh for these early settlers, so they moved back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. Eventually though, they decided America was better and they stayed. Some did not care for America and went back, but we prospered here. For those who do not know what the name Mazzella means, it means Mace. A Mace is a bat like weapon with metal spikes on the business end that was used to crush an opponents armor in battle. The crest that Dan has here is very different from from my family crest. I have a url here where you can see my crest. It has links to most Mazzella's with websites and it is an all Kids Safe Site. It even has a few images. Mazzella's websites that have adult material are not included. All Spam sent to my site is automatically deleted and I do not even read it.

(Post last edited by Mark I Mazzella on 02/25/2009 12:40 PM)

05/01/2007 01:33 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

Ciao!, Hello!, Hola!. My name is Diego Luciano Mazzella, I am of Argentina. My grandfather emigrated to the Argentina in 1946. He was living in Naples, more precisely in Ischia's island where the surname mazzella is very popular, so much it is so my family of there possesses so called Shopings " Center Design Mazzella ", there is Football's stadium called "Enzo Mazzella". Every so much relatives come from Italy and once a few mazzella came from the USA (Of California I believe). Send some familiar tree. A big embrace!

Sorry if they cannot deal is that I am using a translator. I wait for a response. Thank you.

mike mazzella
05/02/2007 09:34 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

hi my name is mike and I live in vermont, nice to be a mazzella my mom is angie my grampa is victor and my gram is dotty, I just got on this site

06/13/2007 06:45 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Diego)      Reply

My grandma is from Ischia. Her maiden name was Mazzella. I think this is very interesting to explore my possible ancestry.

Holly Brandon

09/07/2007 06:34 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: holly.brandon)      Reply

How cool is this...My Grandmother and Grandfather were both from Ischia. My Grandfather Michael passed around 20 some years around 1980. My Grandmother Viola just passed away a couple years ago.

A friend just vacationed in Ischia and said he was amazed at how many Mazzella's there were over there.

By the way I am over in the United States now.

10/25/2007 07:37 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Diego)      Reply

Hello Diego, My Grandfather Antonio Mazzella came from Ischia and into New York. I was told that some of his brothers couldn't survive in NY and moved to Argentina. My Grandfather was in the Italian Navy and met my Grandmother Josephina in Venis before coming to America. Is there many Mazzella's in Argentina? What part are yoou in?


12/04/2007 04:14 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: TONI)      Reply

Hi, my name is Sarah Mazzella. My grandfather Samuel Mazzella came from Italy with his two brothers- Silveo, and Tony. He just passed away on September 24, 2007. And that has sparked an interest in my family tree. I've looked it up before and found that my Pap's dad was Ben and he was the one who came to the U.S. from Italy. Any info would be much appreciated!

12/27/2007 06:44 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Sarah)      Reply


12/27/2007 06:46 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Sarah)      Reply

Hello Sarah,

Where did they live?

I remember several Mazzella's from Morris Avenue in the Bronx.

I believe Sam worked as a self employed butcher on Morris Ave.

Interested to hear from you.

Marie Mazzella

01/13/2008 04:51 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: artparty)      Reply

It was my great grandfather who immigrated to America not my grandfather- Ben was his name and he was from Ponza, Italy and came in by way of Ellis Island, NY.

01/17/2008 04:40 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Sarah)      Reply

I do not know a Ben Mazzella, but he would have been my father's generation.
My father was from Santa Maria in Ponza, Italy and came to the US in 1920.
Do you know where in Ponza, he was from?

Mark I Mazzella
07/11/2008 10:24 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

Ciao! The first Mazzella's can be traced to Napoli Italia.

They probably evolved from Etruscans, Volsci, and Roman.

They in turn went to the island of Ischia and then on to Ponza and Ventotene.

My Great Grandfathers had come here and had Conestoga wagons. We have pictures of them to prove it.

They were not poor in my opinion. They seem to have had horses or Donkeys or Oxen.

From what I understand, they all worked in construction of huge projects like railroads or dams.

Many Mazzella's lived in Manhattan Island and still do.

There is a Mazzella's Market on the west side.

Many Mazzella's moved to apartment around the East 149th Street and Morris Avenue.

I was just down there and I did not see anything Italian. The whole area has become Black/Latino.

Do you remember what street Alex & Henry's Restaurant was on? The moved up to Eastchester, Westchester County NY.

Others went to a safer place called Morris Park Avenue.

That is almost a Little Italy.

Many Italians have moved over to the Country Club, Spencer Estates area of the Bronx. The Salumeria's and Pizzaria's and Italian clubs are proof of what I am saying.

I was told 40 years ago that San Antonio Texas has many Mazzella's living there in a small Little Italy.

I heard that certain areas of California have high concentrations of Italians. Where? Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara or any Italian sounding name.

And of course, there is City Island, which has a very high level of Mazzella's living here. They live over on Hawkins Street and Buckley Street and Minnieford Avenue and Ditmars Street. In many ways, this island has become a small Little Italy. I mean, when you count up all the Italians who live here and all the great Italian Seafood restaurants......

Us Italiann-Americans.... We are America!

11/21/2008 07:10 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: mike mazzella)      Reply


Is your Great Grandpa Joe Mazzella if so we are related I am Aunt Carmen and Uncle Andy's Grandson, Cousin Victor should remember me. please emailme at

02/03/2009 03:23 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

Thank you for this history. I think my family is a slighly different tree. My grandfather, Armand Mazzella was from Ischia. He emigrated to the US in 1900 or 1904. He did come through Ellis Island, and there is a record of that. My Aunt Carolyn found that; she was one of his 3 children. Armand did not marry an Italian. He married Caroline Weber, of Austria. Of course, they met in the US, years after both their families had moved here from Europe. They lived in West Philadelphia. There were not so many Mazzellas in this area, even though there is a large Italian population. The only other Mazzella's that I've ever met were a family that owned a bakery in Sea Isle City, NJ. I believe they sold the place and moved to California.

Mark I Mazzella
05/16/2009 11:54 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: jlordan)      Reply

No, Silverio the owner of Mazzella's Bakery in Sea Isle City died.

His Granddaughter is registered here as Jersey Girl.

He showed me how he made bread from a mixing bowl to a rotating oven.

He said they mixed the dough, shaped the dough and baked it, then placed it in large brown bags for shipping by truck.

I asked him where it went from there?

He said it goes to everyone's gut in the State Of New Jersey! LoL!

Some of his children moved to Scottsdale Arizona, I think.

09/07/2009 07:57 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

My name is Tom, and I am the grandson of Maria and Antonio Mazzella. I can confirm that there are Mazzella's living in the Morris Park Ave. area. My Grandmother and my late "Nonno" both resided in a house owned by their eldest daughter, my aunt, Pasqualina. I've been trying to find information on Antonio since his passing. This site is exactly what I have been looking for.

02/15/2010 05:16 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

My name is Giovanni Mazzella and my family are also from Ischia - Grandfather Marco Mazzella, Grandmother Luisa Mazzella, Father Giovan Giuseppe Mazzella.
I now live in NJ and I regularly visit Ischia as I still have a huge family on the island.

02/16/2010 06:53 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

My name is Rachel. Frank Mazzella was my great gradfather. Him and his wife Birdgetta came from Ischia and lived in the city before moving up to Marlboro, NY. We're all still in this area, most in Marlboro.

03/09/2010 11:28 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: marioarusso)      Reply

i was born in the bx ny and lived on 149th st, which i hear the building was torn down, but i dont know where the mazzellas lived. i moved to jersey and i had a laura mazzella stand up for me when i married. the mazzella's lived up the block from where i was in jersey.

03/09/2010 11:31 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

the bakery is still in sea isle. i use to write to laura mazzella,. she passed away a long while ago.

03/09/2010 11:33 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Bassman150)      Reply

they had a great bakery. i loved their hoagies. i worked in the bakery for a little time.i think their family and mine is related somehow. i am a conti. my dad was the barber in sea isle sam. diana

04/06/2010 09:38 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

My family's branch is from Nicholas Mazzella and Marianna Scotto Dicarlo. They immigrated here from Naples with 5 boys in 1891. I've never found their immigration records but 3 different census records say 1891. I'm guessing they came in through the place before Ellis Island. Anyway Nicholas died in 1901 and Marianna married his brother Joseph in 1903. They had William (born Vinson), Sam (born Simon), Michael (Born Michaelangelo), Frank(born Francesco), Charles, Elizabeth, Josephine, and Rose. Anna also had Mary with Joseph, the brother. They all changed their last name to Scott one they arrived here as it was easier to get jobs at that point in our history without the Italian surname, at leats that is the family story.

Most of them settled in and near Pasaic New Jersey and jersey City. Anna and Joseph moved to Jeffersonville, NY and had a farm. We have pictures of the brothers all standing in front of a Mazzella Trucking Company Truck. i think they hauled the fruits and vegetables. Also several of the brothers retired from the railroads.

Nicholas was born in 1856. There are several Mazzellas born in 1857, 1858 and 1859 that have the same names as their children. I saw them in the immigration records. I figure they are probably Joseph and Nicholas's brother or cousins but have no clue right now. Nicholas and Marianna married in caserta but were from Procida and Napoli.

Anyone connect?

06/22/2010 06:02 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Laurel_Mazzella)      Reply

My maiden name is Mazzella. My father, Alphonso, was born in Procida in 1911. His father was Aneillo Mazzella, married to Marietta Scotto Sabia. They had four children
Lucia Carlotta Ninetta and my dad Alphonso Umberto. He was the only one of his family to come to America.

11/22/2010 04:44 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: TONI)      Reply


There are many Mazzella's in Argentina. I am from Buenos Aires, but the majority are in the cities that are ports, as Buenos Aires, Rosario, Bahia Blanca, Mar del Plata, etc.

In Mar del Plata particularly have the ischitani community most bigger out of Italy, and the majority they devote themselves to the fishing activities. There there are many Mazzella's also and they are my relatives.

Sorry for my terrible english, I am using a translator.

A big embrace!

01/02/2011 02:47 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

This is a wonderful site!! I've always been interested to learn more about my ancestry. My grandmother, Assunta Mazzella was born in Ponza and came to the United States when she was only 1 year old. I know that my great-grandfather was Antonio Mazzella and great grandmother was Concetta Mazzella (formerly Tagliamonte) I hope that I can connect with some possible relatives, as I plan on going to Ponza in April or June of 2011!

Mark I. Mazzella
06/08/2011 10:53 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: AdrienneDiane)      Reply

You are in Ponza? Hope you like rocks! My Grandmother Marrieta used to call Ponza "The Rock!" in Italian "Il Socglio" because it is little else than a rock. She wanted off of it and went to NYC where it was nicer.

06/16/2011 05:53 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Francesco)      Reply

Hello I had sent you a comment a while back regarding my grandmother that was a Mazzella before she married by grandfather and she came from the island Ischia. Her name was Florence Mazzella. I would love to be able to do a ancestry background from there to here with her parents immagration to her birth in the United States. I would like to know if I have any relatives out there Thanks, Holly Brandon Hamilton.

Martha Mazzella
08/13/2011 12:25 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: prettyblue124)      Reply

Hello my name is Martha Catherine Mazzella and my great grandmothers name was Verri and my grandmothers name was Anna Mazzella. They came from Ponza and landed on Ellis Island with my father Francesco Antonio Mazzella and all his brothers. We lived in the Bronx when I was little. But since my father left us when I was about ten, I have lost all contact with my familial. I don't know if I still have family on Ponza?? If anyone knows my family, maybe you could tell me where the heck my father is?? I think in Southern California??
Any help would be so wonderful.

Martha Catherine Mazzella

02/27/2012 06:51 AM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Martha Mazzella)      Reply

Hello I am visiting Ponza next week and am trying to do some family history, my great grandfather's name was Peter Mazzella and he lived in Ponza as a boy then moved to New York through Ellis Island.

03/12/2013 07:03 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: Martha Mazzella)      Reply

This is your cousin Barbara Mazzella. The last time I saw your dad was on July 14, 1984. He was visiting his mother (Anna Mazzella)and grandmother (Katherine Verri). We lived a few houses away from Nanny (Anna) and Uncle Frank (also known as Jr.) visited from California with the family. He left that day on the 14th of July..said goodbye to his mother and a few hours later, Nanny had a heart attack and passed away. My father...who is his brother..Silvester Mazzella tried to reach him to tell him that she passed away...but he never returned the calls and we never heard from him again...his disappearing was a mystery to us all. Our grandfather, Frank Mazzella moved back to Ponza after separating from our grandmother Anna...every so often he called my dad....He called a few weeks before he past away in the 1990's sometime....asked for my dad to go visit him before he dad didn't go...that was the last we heard about anything of him in Ponza. I know he owned a home there and I believe it was given to the person who took care of him in his sick years...All I know of him at this point. dad, Silvester Mazzella passed away 5 years ago.

(Post last edited by bamazzella on 03/12/2013 07:03 PM)

11/09/2013 04:27 PM
Re: Mazzella family history (Re: jlordan)      Reply

I am part of the Philadelphia Mazzella family tree. Tommaso Mazzella and his wife Maddalena (Marra) emigrated with seven children from Campagna to Philadelphia (via Ellis Island) in 1900. One of these children was Armand. An eighth child - Liberato (Bert) arrived 7 years earlier. Bert was 12 at the time, and went to live with his uncle Pasquale in Philadelphia. I am happy to provide more information. I am also looking for information tracing this line of Mazzellas and Marras back to Campagna.

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