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Mark I Mazzella
06/29/2006 06:38 AM
Yolanda Anna Vitiello Mazzella Reply

Sad news to report here. Yolanda Anna Vitiello Mazzella, a resident of New Dorp, Staten Island has passed away at the age of 101, this morning. My mother says Yolanda's mother was also 101 when she died. I wanted to visit her, but my mother kept getting sick and almost died several times. She was born in Ponza Italy. Her husband was named Gaetano Mazzella. She had eight children. We do not know exactly how many Grandchildren and Greatgrandchildren she had. Rest In Peace and may Holy God Bless You in Heaven, like he blessed you on Earth

(Post last edited by Mark I Mazzella on 06/29/2006 06:38 AM)

07/05/2006 05:14 AM
Re: Yolanda Anna Vitiello Mazzella (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

Yolanda is my grandmother. She had 12 children, 5 of whom preceded her in death, 26 grandchildren, 55 great grandchildren and a great great grandson (my grand child). My mom, Paula Faucher, is one of 4 daughters. My grandmother was a strong woman who loved to garden, cook, knit and crochet. I lived very close to her and saw her practically everyday of my life until my mom and dad moved their family to Texas in 1977. She is now with her beloved husband, Gaetano who passed on in the early 1980's.

I loved her deeply.

Mark I Mazzella
07/20/2006 09:16 PM
Re: Yolanda Anna Vitiello Mazzella (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

Yes, I agree that she will be sorely missed by our entire family.

But, we should be happy we had her for so long. She had a life that was far longer than any of us can ever hope to live.

Do not feel bad she died, but feel good she lived so long.

My sister used to speak with her by phone and always was brought to laughter by her witty talk.

By the way, she was not really my "Aunt" but in reality was my second cousin. Yolanda was my mothers first cousin.

I only called her Aunt, out of respect for her old age.

BTW, you an I are cousins.

Joseph Mazzella
12/09/2006 05:01 PM
Re: Yolanda Anna Vitiello Mazzella (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

I came back a few weeks ago from ponza. I am very sad of the passing of aunt yolanda. I will never forget the time she came to our grandparents house on ponza 25 years ago.She loved to talk! Her husband Gaetano and my granmother anna were brother and sister.Its a real credit that she lived so long.I recently found a photo of them togeather. She had a great heart. My Mom assunta who passed away 3 years ago of cancer loved her. My mom and her daughter cathrine who also passed away of cancer about 20 years ago.Were best friends.There is a special place in heaven for Aunt yolanda.

07/06/2008 10:50 AM
Re: Yolanda Anna Vitiello Mazzella (Re: cinster)      Reply

I somehow got logged off and could not finish my message so this is a continuation about the fact that my grandfather was the postman in Ponza his name is
Giuseppe Capuccio. My name is Tecla Vitiello and I was born in Ponza but came to US at age 6 so all I remember is what I recently (last year to be exact). My cousins Paulo, Esterina, Liberina and Aniello all live in Greenwich, Conn., I live in Long Island. My father is Nicola Vitiello and my mom is Maria Capuuccio. I believe that we are related to the Mazzella families. Romilda Mazzella is a cousins to my parents and their daughters, Maria and Louisa Mazella are second cousins to us. Yoland had a Pizzeria on 149th st in the Bronx where we also lived till we all married and moved away.
I hope someone out there remembers me and my family. It would be great to hear from some of my paisani. Ciao

Mark I Mazzella
07/31/2008 09:31 PM
Re: Yolanda Anna Vitiello Mazzella (Re: mtecla3)      Reply

As I said before. I have Vitiello's as ancestors. That is how we are probably related somehow. Yolanda was my mothers first cousin.

I remember back in 1980, she showed me her scar for her heart valve operation.

Yolanda had no Heart scar! It had become invisible. I seen it happen before.

I also knew her daughter Kate.

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