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09/27/2008 05:53 PM
First Gen In Hawaii! Reply

This site is so cool! I didn't know there were so many Mazzella's! I'm was born on 1995 Oct. 5. I believe that I am the first generation born in Hawaii. Am I wrong? Please reply.

Mark I Mazzella
10/25/2008 04:05 PM
Re: First Gen In Hawaii! (Re: Matthew)      Reply


I don't know if you are the first Mazzella's in Hawaii.

My sister had her honeymoon there and it rained the whole time.

It is too inconvenient to live there.

These island are huge volcanoes that are subject to Earthquakes, Eruptions and Tidal Waves aka Tsunamis.

I wonder who will be the first Mazzella's to live on the Moon or Mars.

04/14/2009 07:23 PM
Re: First Gen In Hawaii! (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

Woah woah woah. I may be only 13, but I'm old enough to be able to compare my home to other states of America and other countries. Hawaii is a place people VACATION to, and I get to live here 24/7! I think your sister must have stayed on the windward side for some reason, which is where it IS very rainy. And my island (Oahu) doesn't have any active volcanoes. Just GREAT views when I hike to the top of extinct ones! Where I live, it's always warm and sunny with a nice breeze. When I travel, to other places, I smell things in the air cause I'm not used to them in MY air. And when I drink tap water from any where else, I gag and spit it out, and people that come to Hawaii say "Wow, this tastes like bottled water!"

Maybe YOU should come visit Mark, you can come visit my family here. It's always good to live in Paradise.

(Post last edited by Matthew on 04/14/2009 07:23 PM)

Mark I Mazzella
04/23/2009 12:26 PM
Re: First Gen In Hawaii! (Re: Matthew)      Reply

Sadly, I am not wealthy enough to go visit Hawaii. It does not sound like the place that I would enjoy living.

Does Hawaii smell bad like Florida? When I drive over the Georgia - Florida border that "stench" of something rotten always identifies Florida. What a horrible place. I thought it was paradise at first, but the White Trash people there are obnoxious. The worst are the Southern Belle's with that awful drawl. Mom says that smell is the coral in the sand of Florida, but I disagree. Something is way wrong with Florida.

Florida is flatter than any pancake I ever ate. You want to climb a tree, it is so flat.

There may be no volcanoes on that island you live on, but the other nearby volcanoes can generate tsunami's and flood you to death. Landslide are big enough there to cause tidal waves.

I only drink Deer Park bottled water from Pennsylvania.

The tap water in NYC is good, but subject to attacks by terrorists. The water in my neighborhood stinks.

08/22/2011 07:12 PM
Re: First Gen In Hawaii! (Re: Matthew)      Reply

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