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Mark I Mazzella
04/01/2009 07:20 PM
Young People Wise! Reply

Back in the 60's and 70's there was a cartoon strip called "Teen Wise" which gave out good advice to teens who were starting to date.

Now, we all live in the 21st Century today, this is no longer the 20th Century. 2000 was not the "Turn Of The Century"! It was "The Turn Of The New Millennium"! The "Turn Of The Century" was 1900 AD not 2000 or 2001.

We live in modern times and Women deserve equal rights in almost everything. I am publicly against women fighting in war, because of what happened to that Babe soldier in Iraq in 2003. Women can better serve outside the war theater flying Predator or Reaper UAV's without risk of injury, rape or diseases.

Women and Teenage girls want the right to ask a guy out on a date or to be their boyfriend. This is perfectly OK, but Ladies, Please use some strategy, tactics and some common sense.

If you are a Female and see a dreamboat you want, Do NOT ask him out on a date in front of others! Simply say to him, Excuse me, but I need to speak with you in private about something personal. Then the two of you go outside, somewhere no one else can see or hear you. Then you can ask without risking embarrassing him or offending his ego or mistakenly giving him the idea that you are a brazen hussy or too easy. Another tactic is to give him a piece of paper with your name address and phone number, so you can call each other and make arrangements for a private rendezvous.

Asking a guy at a party in front of everyone, to be your boyfriend or date is completely unromantic and no way to start a serious relationship! He may consider you challenging him or daring him. You do not want him thinking you are nuts or a slut.

And it is OK for a Guy to give his phone number to a girl in exchange of hers.

Now, this has happened to me many times. Young Ladies offered themselves to me, in front of my friends and made us all feel cheap.

At first, I thought they were joking, but they were serious. Do Women really know how much peer pressure that they are putting on guys when they act this odd way? It's tactless! They deliberately put pressure on you! Then I came to believe them to be crazy for doing such a brazen thing. When I went home, I told my Momma and she called them brazen hussies.

What should have been a private conversation, was interfered with with other friends saying, "Mark! Will you go after her?" Who are they to tell me, who I should date? My friend ruined what should have been a "romantic magic moment" into an awkward, embarrassing disgusting memory.

So, young people, especially young women, Wise up! Men have feelings too! For instance, did you know that calling me "Big Boy" is insulting to me? Anyone who is overweight is sensitive to it and might just be turned off by the comment.
It does not matter if you are referring to my height, weight or braciole, it is insulting!

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Mark I Mazzella
04/01/2009 08:47 PM
Hussy (Re: Mark I Mazzella)      Reply

The year was 1975.

Another excerpt from my autobiography book.

This episode is probably one of the most embarrassing moments in my life!


One day in 1975, I went to visit Frank Sandolo.

He was in his Dad's garage working on electronics.

He turned it into a electronics shop, but he used to have some crazy parties inside it.

I sat down next to him and talked the same old bullshit about anything on topic.

The Frank's sister Eva walked inside with her friend.

I cannot recall her name, but this young woman was strange and unusual to me. For this book, we will call her "Polly" because Eva had a different friend named Ester who was supermodel gorgeous. Polly Ester, Polyester get it?

Polly resembled August 1974 Playboy Playmate and singer Jeane Manson, who is very popular in Europe. Both women were gorgeous looking.

She had a puffy baby face like her also.

She dressed out of style, like she was stuck in the 40's or 50's, not the mid 1970's.

I had only met her 4 times before and each acquaintance was brief.

I liked her at first, but I did not see her as my kind of woman. I thought she was 15 years old, meaning Jailbait!
I thought she was the bees knees until...

I had been drinking my favorite beer, Heineken and smoking Newport cigarettes and talking about my new girlfriend, Heidi, whom Frank never got to meet.

I admit, I was inebriated from the beer.

Suddenly, Eva's bold girlfriend began to shout out my name "Maaark!" and everyone looked at her.

She then told me that she was in love with me and wanted me to become her boyfriend!

She told me to "Come over here Big Boy and sit right down next to me and give me a big hug and kiss!". She patted the empty chair next to hers.

She was drunk or stoned and acting like a bimbo, except she did not ask me for money.

I sat there shocked speechless, I was at a total loss for words. Every time I tried to form a sentence, my mind said that would be taken as an offensive remark by someone in the room.

I was speechless and then I looked at Frank, then I looked at Eva. I looked at her silently, but my eyes were asking Eva, "Is this a practical joke?"

Eva looked back at me, "What you see, is what you are getting."

I was still shocked silent, when Frank opened his oversize big wide mouth and said something extremely awkward. "Mark! Will you go after her? She wants you?"

I was appalled. I never felt so embarrassed in my whole life. I became angry at Eva's girlfriend.

Polly then said, "You should listen to Frank! This can become something good!"

What a jackass! She had stupidly made a pass at me in front of everyone at this party, and now she was putting peer pressure on me to get her way with me! What a jerk she was!

I stood up and said, "Excuse me Ladies, but Frank and I need to have a Man To Man Talk in private!".

I then said I was going to Nick's Pizza and I invited Frank and Guy only.

We left the two girls behind, both were still smiling.

We were about halfway to my red 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring, when I told Frank that he should get the girls out and lock up the garage, cause we werent coming back.

When in the car, I told Frank that I now regarded Eva's girlfriend as completely crazy. Psychotic is the word I used.

Frank disagreed and he told me to go after her.

I argued with him that she was a nut and I wanted nothing to do with her and that he needed a girlfriend, not me.

I had just dumped my old girlfriend Wendy a Jewish girl for Heidi, who was Roman Catholic like me. Prettier also.

I told Frank that he should go after Polly, but he replied that if I thought her crazy then he regarded her as the same and he stated he did not want her.

Later on the next week, we discussed Eva's crazy girlfriend.

I told Frank I never wanted her near me again. Then Eva showed up.

I asked Eva if her friend Polly and her had been playing a practical joke on me and she denied it and said "Polly is in love with you!"

Eva defended her saying that her friend did no wrong doing. I told them all that I regarded her as almost a hooker.

I said that, because she had embarrassed me in front of my friends, that she would be unwelcome around me.

I said that if she is that tactless and insensitive, then I don't want her around.

Eva told me "She did nothing wrong and that she was only guilty of loving you."

"Ok, Eva, you are at another party and you see a nice man like (Charlie Versaci). He is a dreamboat of a man and you want to be his wife. Would you go up to him at this party and say all the things Polly said to me in front of everyone? Would you solicit yourself like that?"

Eva said, "No, but Polly didn't do anything crazy.

I told Eva that any woman who did to me, what Polly did was insane and I couldn't stand crazy people, cause they say the worst possible thing at the worst possible moment in time.

They seemed to think I should shack up with any slut, that came down the road.

When this happened, I began to realize that I didn't belong around the Sandolo's. I admit, I was in love with Eva and wanted to marry her, but with an evil hypocritical father like hers who use hard drugs like Gaetano and his buddy Robert Tramontana... It wasn't possible. This whole family was too warped for me.

Eva's mother Miranda kept lying to my Mother saying she wanted me and Eva to wed, but Miranda Sandolo is a pathological liar, which is why my Mom quit talking to her. Miranda's lies caught up with her. And Gaetano's drugged out behavior... He couldn't think right cause he smoked Black Tar Opium or Heroin with Bob. I can prove everything in a court of law. I have multiple witnesses.

A week before they moved to Florida, Eva tried to get me back together with Polly.

Polly told Eva that she wanted to speak to me privately and apologize for embarrassing me.

I called Frank up and told him I would come by and blow my horn and we would pack in the car and drive to the Philharmonic concert hall to see Three Dog Night.

I drove and parked in front of Frank's house and blew the horn in such a way that they knew it was me.

Suddenly I saw Polly walking fast down the long driveway towards me! This loony wasn't going to give up so easy.

I started the car and slowly drove off to the stop sign at Wilson & Burke Avenues. She watched me drive away and then went back into the driveway. I then backed the car in reverse and Polly made another mad dash to me. I then drove off like a wild man, tires screeching from the pulsating 318 cubic inch engine. This car was also known as the Dodge Road Runner except the RR has a 440 cubic inch engine.
I ran the stop sign and stoplights and found a pay phone around the block. I then called up Frank and told him to tell Eva and Polly to give it up. I didnt even want to see her, let alone speak to her. I told Frank that I was coming back and if she came out again and he wasnt there, I'd leave without them. While the guys were piling into my car, Polly showed up behind the gate. She looked unhappy and disappointed like she began to hate me for breaking her heart and dashing her dream to be my girl. She looked like she was about to cry. I looked at her and waved Bye-bye and drove off. I had no love for her. If you love me you would never dare to embarrass me or put peer pressure on me.

I never saw her again, after that party, the Sandolo's moved down to Dunedin, Florida.

To this day, I am not sorry I ignored her.

I told my Mom about what happened and Mom called Polly a brazen hussy.

She sure was a beautiful Hussy.

What did she do wrong? She embarrassed me in front of my friends at a party!

What should she have done to get me?

She should have gotten my phone number or met with me in secret somewhere in private. Maybe write me a note with her phone number and address.

Act like a big baby or child and I want no part of you.

Recently, last year, I met a woman who wanted to date me. She asked me out in private, like she should. I declined because I never date divorcees, widows or women who "live in together" or cohabitate or "shacked up" with their boyfriend. Commonlaw wives are off limits for me.

Surprise! I am a clean and decent man! I am an American hero who has saved many lives over the years. The NYPD Harbor Patrol commended me for heroism for saving lives and rescuing people to my Nephew Michael! If you don't like this truth, you're just jealous that I'm still a Cub Scout and always will be!

Michael said, You're a hero Uncle Mark!

Mark Ivio Mazzella

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