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Mark I Mazzella
05/17/2009 07:17 AM
Aunt Agnes Mazzella Califano Reply

I should not call this evil monster my Aunt. She is my father's sister.

As you all know, I hate a lot of members of this family, for their evil conduct.

Some phonies like Agnes Califano who is a blood relative of mine, sought reconciliation with me after she agreed with my Uncle Ercito "Archie" Mazzella had my branch of the family ostracized. My parents became unwelcome down Florida.

That Witch Agnes did not seek reconciliation with my parents, until 1981, After her son Nino Califano Sr., was shot dead during an alleged drug deal with that evil stuff, cocaine.

During that funeral, they decided they were wrong and apologized to my parents for their slander.

I ignored her, pretty much because I hated her for banning me from my cousins parties and weddings.

She never came up to NY. Then in 1987, my Dad left the boiler plate off the boiler before he drove to Florida.

This caused the laundry nearby to catch fire. Dad was forced to fly home and do repairs. I had to fly to Florida to pick up Mom and drive her back to NYC.

I stayed at her house for less than a week. When I was there, I felt like a stranger in a strange land. I had been there in 1963 and now everything had changed for the worse.

In spite of all that time there my cowardly first Cousin Silverio Califano, who worked for Eastern Airlines, never bothered to invite me over his house. Not to meet his wife, who I never got to meet, not his children. We used to be close like Brothers! I used to play with him and his brother in their Soundview basement with their gym equipment doing exercises.

But my Satanically evil Uncle Ercito was a thief of money, property and friendships between relatives. He was a curse on all of our Mazzella family. I think he must have been using painkiller drugs that warped his mind into paranoia.

His poisoning of all my relatives was a future full of loneliness, sadness and snubbery.

After that coward Silverio or See ved as he is called, picked me up at the airport and went into hiding like a faggit!

I told this to my Dad and he called Silverio a asshole!

Later on in 1993 Agnes finally came to visit here and stayed. I was very cold to her. I accused her son Nino Sr of being a dead cocaine dealer.

Sometime later, her grandson Nino Jr came to visit.

A few years later, Nino Jr got married and did not invite me.

I took insult.

After the marriage Agnes called here and said "Hello Nephew Mark! How are you?"

I said "What the Hell did you ever care about me, you scumbag!" and I hung up.

When my ugly slob Uncle Silverio Califano died, I ignored his funeral out of great hate and disrespect for both Agnes and Silverio..

I recall I visited Miami in 1963 and one of Silverios patrons asked that he heat up his pizza some more. He wanted it hotter. Uncle Silverio then spit into his pizza pie and cooked it. Then he and Dad watched as they ate the pizza full of Silverio's spit. He spit in his restaurants patrons food! He adulterated people who trusted him! What an evil creep! Obnoxious and generally unpleasant.

I told all this to my parent recently about a month ago.

My Dad looked at me and said, "You're Aunt Agnes is a queer egg!" Dad looked revolted at me being snubbed!

So, if Aunt Agnes wants to be friends with me, she can't, because I hate her and openly wish her a long slow painful death for her antisocial behaviors.

Agnes, you do not need me. You have plenty of other children to victimize like your brother Joe Mazzella.

The only Uncle I have whom I still love and am friends with is my Uncle Gene in Detroit.

Uncle Gene was never a traitor like his brothers or sister or Mother.

A few years ago in 2003 my sister, Dr Loraine Lucy Mazzella-Maiolo declared Mom terminally ill due to Atrial Fibrillation heart disease.

I was told to prepare for the funeral. I got out my suit and dusted it off.

I began to call certain cousins in this family. I told them I would be in the back of the funeral parlor and NOT to come to shake hands and talk to me. They are being snubbed.

One was Second Cousin Nino Califano Jr. I told him to tell his Uncle Silverio and grandmother Agnes to stay away from me at the funeral and forever.

He snubbed me at his wedding, now he and his family are being snubbed for life. They dont love me or need me!

Another first cousin being snubbed is my first cousin Vinny Acocella in New Jersey for being a coward.

Your real friends will never snub you, whether they are your cousins or not.

I hope you are enjoying these excerpts from my Autobiography.

It pleases me greatly to get even by telling everyone the truth.

I don't get mad, I get even!

My deranged sister Mary Sue Mazzella De Rosa says I am still unwelcome in her house. Her and her abusive scumbag cockeyed creep husband Blaise are no different that my fathers sister Agnes Califano. A few years ago, she told my Mom that she was sick of her abusive husbands putdowns and disrespect and wanted a divorce. I encouraged Mary to get a lawyer and dump this loser.

Because of this, I have become disrespectful to her. I hang up the phone and lock her out of my business. From now on, she is to be treated like my Aunt Agnes is being snubbed.

I never liked Biaggio De Rosa. He acted like that delinquent who lived across the street named Frankie Rosa. I did not approve of the marriage and left the reception at Alex & Henry's early out of disapproval. It is unpleasant to have this bad egg in my family. His coward slandering brother is unwelcome her also.

So, from now on, I'm telling some screwball relatives to get the Hell lost forever. I don't love you or need you in my life. You do not need me!

(Post last edited by Mark I Mazzella on 05/17/2009 07:17 AM)

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