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Mark I Mazzella
07/24/2009 10:28 AM
The University Of Arizona Reply

In 1976, I had wanted to be an Astrophysicist and learn such at the U of A in Tucson Arizona.

I joined in January 1977 and all seemed well at first.

I would have to pay for tuition, my apartment, food, medicines, car repairs and almost everything out of pocket.

First my car air conditioner broke. In the hot Arizona Sun, it was dangerous to drive because the inside car temperature in Arizona is 120 Farenheit. The dormitory I stayed in was called Graham Dormitory. A hot spell made everyone vote to turn on the air conditioner. Then the Jet Stream made a hairpin turn sending icy air to Tucson. Now it was cold outside and the air conditioner was on full blast and could not be turned off. I complained to the evil headmaster named Fred who said it was already voted upon and I had to suffer.

I complained to the University Police who said he could do nothing to help me. I was about to walk out when he ordered me to help him file a complaint. I refused and he threatened to arrest me. I was force against my wishes to complain.

I tried to take refuge inside my red Plymouth Satellite Sebring, but the heater core control valve was made of cheap plastic instead of metal and cracked.

I had no heat in my car! I went to Arizona Discount Auto Parts and replaced it with a metal one that would never break. I then had to sleep in my car for a week! A Visit to my dorm room showed huge icicles on my windows. The repairs to this four year old car was going way up. The air conditioner and heater broke. I had to repair the car in the ice cold rain.

I caught the Honk Kong Flu which hit me with a whammy.
I became depressed from this virus. This Virus is well known to trigger depression. Even worse, I was taking a prescription medicine called Phentermine to lose weight.
No MD in Tucson would give me any, so I suffered withdrawal. This made my depression worse.

I was hospitalized with the Flu and more bad things happened to me.

Mom was sending me $500 Post Office Money Orders to fund my college education.

Dad gave her dangerous black market Codeine from a corrupt Pharmacy to stop her cough which was caused by an Allergy. Dr Matz discovered what other MD's missed.

Because my Mother was so gooned on Codiene, she began making big mistakes.

Instead of writing the proper Zipcode on my money order letter, she wrote the wrong Zipcode and it got sent to the Dead Letter Office in Minnesota!

I called up and complained to my parents and they accused me of wasting my money.

Here I was, stuck out in Tucson Arizona, all alone with no money to eat, pay rent or pay the overdue tuition. My car needed new U Joints in the Transmission and I had no money. No one would hire me with the economy in recession.

I couldn't sleep and saw a MD who gave me prescription Quaalude's under a fake name.

I went back to my dorm room and took the entire bottle and chased it down with a quart Stoli Vodka.

I was attempting to commit Suicide.

With no funding, I lost my desire to live, No one really loved me. My parents din't care. They just pretend. I had no one to turn to.

My slutty sister Loraine was wasting her money in Italy going to Communist Rallies with her girlfriend Marisa and Martina, while attending college. The CIA has films of her doing so. I will get them under a FIA.

They put me in the hospital and gave me Ipecac to vomit and released me. They wanted to expel me at first, but when they found out what really happened, they gave me a medical discharge.

I threatened to sue Dr Robert Svob and the University for reckless endangerment of students health.

I did make some friends, but no one who had any money to loan me.

My good friend named Marc Aaronson showed me how to operate the domes on Stewart Observatory and the 91 inch telescope om Kitt Peak Arizona on the Papago reservation.

I was introduced to Marc by my good friend Dr Peter A Strittmatter.

Marc went on to discover Dark Matter in halos around galaxies.

Tragically, he lost his life when a defect in the giant Mayall Telescope Dome malfunctioned and cut him in half.

The domes lips cut him down his midline, not his waist.

Marc will be sorely missed. He was my mentor.

So, if you want to know why I did not finish University, it was because my Father cut off all funding! It is his fault and not mine.

Post Script:

A member of our Mazzella family asked me why I didnt use a credit card to survive at the U 0f A in Tucson AZ.

I never had one. My Dad always bragged at the dinner table to his brothers that he never ever needed a credit card!

Dad kept on deriding his credit cards but always had several. He told me not to bother with them.

He called Credit Cards a waste of money.

This is bad advice coming from my Dad! Had I had one in 1977, I would have become a Kitt Peak Astronomer and discovered Asteroids headed for Earth.

I read the book about Timothy McVeigh and he told Laurie Fortier and her husband Michael that they should max out their credit card! This is bad advice coming from a criminal who later stole 168 lives in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. It is metally ill.

My advice to anyone going to University far away from home is not to have your parents send you money by US Mail as it is completely unreliable and run by serial murderers like David Berkowitz aka The Son Of Sam. I swear they hired the very worst people to deliver important mail to send your mail to someone who will throw it in the trash!

Do not ever trust the US Mail for anything at all! Never ever place your beloved Son or Daughter into a homeless situation like my parents did. Go out and get a Credit Card!

My Dad's advice was bad!

In 1976 I visited Frank Sandolo down in Dunedin Florida and I wanted to rent a car. I did not go to Hertz or Avis or National. I went to Chick Smith who rented me a car with no credit card. Just a deposit.

In 1982 I visited Frank again in Houston Texas and I arrived at the airport. I wanted to rent a car but Avis and National said I needed a credit card! I didnt know that! I was now stuck at Houston Airport and had to call a cab.

You need to get a credit card. Dont just get one, Get American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

These plastic cards can save time money and Human lives.

(Post last edited by Mark I Mazzella on 07/24/2009 10:28 AM)

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